Explains the asterisk operator * and ** usage and its useful applications.

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Common Usage

def my_func(*args,**kwargs):
args:(1, 2, 3)
kwargs:{'a': 4, 'b': 5}

The meaning of single * and double **

The Rabbit And The Turtle — By Charles Zhu, my 6 years old son

People said Python is slow, how slow it can be

import numpy as np
values = np.random.randint(1, 100, size=1000000)
def get_reciprocal(values):
output = np.empty(len(values))
for i in range(len(values)):
output[i] = 1.0/values[i]
%timeit get_reciprocal(values)

Python packages installation steps for Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning

A retrospection of the book “The Phoenix Project”.

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Plan work for next week, only

An analysis of why some technologies fail and why some last very long. What should we consider before adopting new technology?

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Why we need to pick features for a machine learning model, how to use Mutual Information to select features, and use Mutual information tools from the Scikit-Learn package.

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The feature selection problem

Three common mistakes could be made in your Spark PySpark projects. Those mistakes may confuse your colleagues and also make you pull your hair out.

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Use Concatenated Spark SQL string in functions

# create a view from spark dataframe 
# define you sql query as a string
sql_string = "select * from sdf_view"
# execute the spark SQL
result_df = spark.sql(sqlQuery = sql_string)

Understand how Decision Tree Classifier works in plain language and minimum math equations. Figure out how Gini Impurity and Information Gain works from scratch.

By my son, Charles Zhu

How decision tree works

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  1. Find a crypto price API or scrape the web.
  2. Send out mail if the pice is meet the rule, say, drop 20%.

Get the real-time price

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