The Rabbit And The Turtle — By Charles Zhu, my 6 years old son

Whenever there is a programming speed competition, Python usually goes to the bottom. Some said that is because Python is an interpretation language. All interpretation language is slow. But we know that Java is also a kind of language, its bytecode is interpreted by JVM. …

A journey of applying Regular Expressions in one of our projects, and the lessons I learned.

Image from Unsplash by Joshua Sortino

Imagine for a moment that you have gigabytes — or even terabytes — of text data in front of you. Now suppose that from all that data, you must extract specific text in a fuzzy pattern in a limited amount of processing time. How would you proceed?

In the Azure…

Understand how the U.S. Debt system works and figure out the real limitations of the U.S. debt size.

Image from by Mauri Karlin

When the news says “Congress soon must raise the debt ceiling again.” and “It will be almost the 100th time it has done so”.

I am wondering, while Congress passes the bill again and again, can they do this forever? or is there a “true” debt ceiling? …

Create an async sleep function without using Python Thread, use async and await without the dependence of asyncio

Threads, image from, credit to
John Anvik

The Python async/await(with asyncio) is so fast and promising. It looks and feels like the future. When we take a bit look down into it, the whole async/await stuff is built upon yield and generator/coroutine.

But Python coroutine is bizarre, weird, and strange, the more I use it the more…

Use Python’s synchronous, multi-threading, queue, and asyncio event loop to make 100 HTTP requests and see which solution performs the best.

Who dives faster? by Charles Zhu, my 6yo boy

It is easy to send a single HTTP request by using the requests package. What if I want to send hundreds or even millions of HTTP requests asynchronously? This article is an exploring note to find my fastest way to send HTTP requests.

The code is running in a Linux(Ubuntu)…

An analysis of why some technologies fail and why some last very long. What should we consider before adopting new technology?

Image by Gevorg Avetisyan of unsplash

Are you fear of missing out on new and cool technologies? fear of checking out the wrong skill tree and miss the whole new industry and career?.

So, you tried to get familiar with all new fancy technologies. when Web 2.0 is hot, you learned Ajax; When Big Data is…

Andrew Zhu

Data Scientist @ Microsoft Redmond,

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